Find Investors-Angel Investor, Venture, Private Equity, Capital Funds, or Hedge Funds. Which One is for You?

I get a lot of questions from capital seekers about the type of money that is available on the Capital Match Point. I have several categories, and we classify them and categorize them for a reason. There are angel investors and angel investor groups. There are venture capital funds, commonly referred to as "VC's". We also have private equity funding sources. Then there are hedge funds; additionally private investors. Then we have a category called "other", which pretty much encompasses all other accredited investors, that would be investors of significant net worth and sophistication to make investments on their own. Now, what is important here, as a capital seeker you need to understand the differences between capital providers. They're very specific. And secondly, you need to be able to identify the source that you need to target for your particular capital needs. Now, getting in front of the right capital provider is paramount to getting your company funded. So, what we're looking for here is, the key is efficiencies. Don't waste time chasing the wrong kind of money, and don't waste money doing that either. The thing you need to be doing is running your business. So, take the most efficient route to capital. If there are any questions on this subject I always invite the capital seekers to call. That is what we do on a daily basis here at Capital Match Point, and we can easily help you identify the type of capital sources that would be most efficient for you to use.